Friday, September 21, 2012

Amazing Birds A nice collectionf Birds

Amazing Birds A nice collection of Birds
Birds or the wonderful creation of God.Amazing bird are found in nature always make us to excite. Millions of species around the world are amazing to all human kind.
Bird are in many way helping human kind.Here are the some amazing pictures of Amazing birds.


Nice photos of animals-Amazing animals

Nice photos of animals-Amazing animals

Wild animals and  birds are God given gift to the nature we try to save them not to destroy them.
God made man his own image and told him to rule over all creatures. That means Man should protect and watch over the all kinds of living things. But today many of the creation is destroyed by human kind directly and indirectly. Here is the collecton of some amazing animals.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Amazing and woderful Fotos-Rare collection

Globe in an Apple-What a wonderful Food Sculpture. Think Globe before you eat an apple.

Future iPhone4S. Globe will be in our hand and everything will be transparent 

What a wonderful picture of  Gandhiji Never seen before.This is a rare photo I found in Facebook. Thanks for the friend who provided it